A fish that's
out of this world

Patagonia King Salmon is out of this world, just like Patagonia where we farm it on land, in the most advanced way possible. Untouched. Pristine. And naturally: incredibly delicious. Proof that superior tasting fish can be farmed sustainably with the help of science and technology.

A superlative salmon

Patagonia King Salmon is exclusive and unique. Descended from wild-caught Patagonian stock. Superior, big, strong and graceful: naturally athletic.


Great on a plate, perfect for the planet

We are proving that through science and technology – farming our salmon on land in our advanced recirculation aquaculture system with pristine Patagonian water and natural, reduced impact feed – there is a far better way.

Unmatched flavor

The way our salmon is raised, fed and farmed ensures maximum marbling, tantalizing texture and world-class flavor.

Supreme sustainability

Naturally filtered, regeneratively farmed – day by day, our impact on nature is further reduced.

Well-fed, naturally

A diet of responsibly caught krill, fish meal and fish oil – the latter of which we’re replacing with an increasing percentage of sustainable insect nutrients – results in a salmon of astronomical fitness.

All about sustainable salmon farming