The Patagonia King Salmon

This is no ordinary fish

It’s a descendant of the biggest, most sought-after salmon on our planet: the Chinook Salmon, or King Salmon. Battling its way upstream in the strongest Patagonian currents, this fish is a warrior of legend.

Great on a plate, perfect for the planet

Wild heritage

Our Patagonia King Salmon has a direct line of descent to its wild Patagonian ancestors. Once introduced to the ecosystem by Alaskan fishermen, now powering us towards our goal of true sustainability.

Lean and mean

Packed with fat and muscle – Chinook salmon have evolved to be streamlined vessels of energy and performance. And it’s these qualities that result in best-in-class flavor and texture on the plate.

Hail to the king

When at sea, the Chinook is dressed in vivid royal attire full of blue-greens, reds and purples. It looks the part, with size to match; as the largest salmon to grace the Pacific Ocean, they are the rulers of their kind.