Otherworldly flavor

“Houston, we have a salmon”

Experiencing the Patagonia King Salmon for the first time is akin to making first contact. An otherworldly marbled masterpiece – rich, soft and firm. Fit for both the subtlest and boldest of culinary statements.


Great on a plate, perfect for the planet

Through a never-ending journey of scientific and technological improvement, we aim to achieve maximum quality with minimal impact

Unmatched flavor

The way our salmon is raised, fed and farmed ensures maximum marbling, tantalizing texture and world-class flavor.

Supreme sustainability

Naturally filtered, regeneratively farmed – our impact on nature is getting closer to 0 day by day.

Organically nurtured

A natural diet of krill, fish and black soldier fly larvae raised on our own waste products results in a salmon of astronomical fitness.

All about sustainable salmon farming