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It´s flavor is unrivalled

Each batch of Patagonian King Salmon is highly anticipated by leading chefs
around the world. For good reason: its flavor is unrivalled. The way we farm
our king of kings ensures minimum impact with maximum taste.

Direct line of descent


Our salmon have a direct line of descent to their wild Patagonian ancestors. Each year, mature salmon migrate upstream to spawn.

In our hatchery we have managed to cultivate the king salmons’ full lifecycle, simulating this process with our own broodstock, harvesting the mature female fish and extracting their eggs.

Total traceability

We guarantee our distinguished customers that we are treating our fish with great care throughout their lifecycle, providing them with the best environment for growing strong and healthy.

Each salmon comes with a scannable gill tag that reveals the origin of the fish. This gill tag discloses the entire product cycle from broodstock to plate.
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